True Wealth

What is the ideal definition of wealth?

I like how the author of Millionaire Fast Lane M. J. DeMarco defines wealth, and I totally agree with him! True wealth is defined by family (relationships), fitness (good health), and freedom!

Reading the millionaire fast lane has led me to my moment of epiphany! The book reminded me that my time is much more valuable than money for it is the currency of life; at the same time, the more money I posses, the more freedom I have to do and pursue the things I love – what a paradox! The lack of money leads to modern slavery; you are trapped in the 9 – 5 drudgery, with your boss dictating the value of your services per hour, and most importantly owning your time – impending bills and most probably toxic debt stemming from poor lifestyle choices (for most), being the unforgiving task master. What a predicament to be in. He who owns your time, owns your life! Think about that for a second. What would you do to escape this cycle, turn the tables around so that you call the shots?

How do we escape from this prison? Some work harder by getting extra jobs, which is noble in my opinion, and some pursue profitable ventures with the hope of amassing exponential returns that expedite financial freedom – and that’s another noble pursuit. The truth of it all, there is no one size fits all parameter. I am not completely trashing having a 9 – 5, for most, it is the greatest wealth building tool if you are prudent enough; however, it should not be the only tool! Creating multiple streams of income gives some form of security and is good back-up in times of emergencies. When one income stream falls short, at least you have the other nine to rely on. Be wise in this matter.

There are many roads that lead to an intended destination; some roads get you there quicker, and some are much slower, no matter the case, do something today to secure your financial future, whether you get there in lightning speed (ethically of course), or tortoise speed, what matters is doing something today that will change your life for the best. You decide what that is. Work hard now, endure the process so that you won’t have to live in perpetual drudgery even well into your golden years. When you are truly financially free, working for someone will only be a matter of choice, and probably a means to avoid idleness. Having your own income generating vehicles gives you an advantage, and eliminates reliance on an employer, now that’s taking control of your freedom! Freedom is all about having options, and when you have money in abundance, you have options.

Keep this in mind on your way to financial freedom:

Family – Strong and meaningful relationships foster good ideals, good mental health, a sense of belonging, accountability and most important of all – love. Lack of good relationships, or the wrong relationships can stifle productivity/growth, and can alter your intended destiny. Good relationships will help influence good decisions, which then lead to positive action and most importantly success.

Fitness – A healthy body is more productive, alert and fit for purpose. Neglect your health, neglect an important pillar of wealth. No point in amassing great wealth and either die prematurely, or spend it on expensive medications because of poor lifestyle choices. Remember eat food for medicine (healthy foods), to avoid eating medicine for food. And on top of that, keep yourself active – it adds to the richness of life.

Freedom – An abundance of money leads to freedom! Your time is not controlled by a boss, or employer, but you control your time because of the endless resources available to you. Work hard to attain that freedom, and work even harder to maintain that freedom by avoiding things such as toxic debt, and entrapment that lead to slavery – deliver yourself like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter! Guard your field jealously, and weed out the wealth killers – you define what they are.

Do not strive to look or appear wealthy, but be truly wealthy in spirit, intellectually, in resources, your purse (bank balance), in health, and relationships. Own your time and you own your life. Make the choice to work towards your freedom by pursuing ventures that will aid that desire.

Be free!

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